The following list includes areas in which I have experience and expertise.  It is not comprehensive.  If you need help with something outside of these areas, you are welcome to contact me to discuss.  If I am not a good match for your needs, I will help you find an appropriate provider. Problems: depression, bipolar disorder

Anxiety: panic, excessive worry, specific fears, OCD symptoms

Trauma: sexual, physical, emotional abuse and other sorts of traumas

Social Difficulties: social anxiety, isolation, social skills challenges

Parenting Problems: parent-child relational difficulties, attachment issues, managing children’s emotional and behavioral problems

Couples Issues:  difficulties with communication, managing conflict effectively, building and sustaining emotional connectedness, respect, and affection

Other Relationship Issues: problems trusting, difficulties making and keeping friends, working through challenges in relationships with family members and colleagues, boundary problems

Emotion Regulation Problems: anger management problems, mood swings

Adjustments: to divorce, moves, birth or adoption of children, career transitions, beginning and ending relationships, school transitions, health challenges, etc.